Hey. I'm Akara Etteh. I've been .....helping artists get the music in their heads to come out of speakers, as a stepping stone towards greater success in their careers (I'm a music producer and coach), based on my experience getting paid to tour Europe with my band, and endorsed by merchandise companies .......teaching school-children and teenagers music production and promotion technique...... However, the most important thing I've realised is that this journey of a musical career isn't one that most people go through. You might not know what a musician's life is like, so I'm starting to share this process with YOU. If you come along for the ride, we're both going to find this more interesting, and hopefully you'll get to contribute to some amazing music. So, please check out my facebook page (below). . Looking forward to speaking with you. Love to hear any suggestions, comments, questions, critiques, or compliments! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Growing up on a diet of Nigerian gospel, blended with noughties hip-hop and neo-soul, I'm using those influences, combined with my classical training, to create sing-along songs that Oasis would be proud of. Beats that move you, emotive instrumentation, with hooky, pop sensibilities. Poetry smattered with half-rhymes